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Protect your device without the need for a VPN!

About Binquasin

There is no need for a VPN connection because Binquasin, a free app known as an IP Masker, will mask your IP and MAC addresses as localhost (addresses set aside for testing, also known as the loopback addresses) instead! When the Add Binquasin to Home Screen prompt appears, simply click it to proceed. There is no need to launch the app or do any further setup. Binquasin will guard against hackers and prevent connections from being spied on.

Install for Free

Do you want to try Binquasin? You only need to click Install App in your browser to make this website function as the Binquasin app itself! No additional setup is required, and there is no need to alter or change any settings. The Binquasin app is a stand-alone application that operates without even being opened!

Please take note that you will never be charged for using the Binquasin app. Binquasin has always been and will always be free.

WARNING: Please refrain from disclosing your IP address to anyone. Binquasin's only drawback is that if a hacker knows your true, authentic IP Address, they can still use it for malicious purposes.

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I rely on your kind tips for my income, so please consider leaving one. Please be aware that since Binquasin is a free app, I am completely dependent on this income for my work on Binquasin™. So once again, thank you for everything. Please consider making a modest tip donation of any size. I appreciate your kindness.

To leave a tip, simply click on or scan the QR Code images below! An alternative is to click the donation buttons below labeled under Donate.


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